Self defence parent child

Are you interested in a 1-off self defence parent child workshop in Brentwood, Chelmsford during the summer? 

Parents with children going into school years 6 & 7 in September; the training will help build confidence and awareness as your child starts to become a little more independent. 

The half day self defence parent child session covers theory, mobile phone safety and practical techniques.

Mountnessing Brentwood & Great Baddow Chelmsford class details

Self defence parent child dates TBC.

The price is £30pp 

How to book/ find out more:

If you would like more info or to book, please phone me or email asap.

It’s Fun, helps with awareness, fitness & confidence and it’s an important life skill.

SDF Essex Reviews

“Always made us feel welcome and the ‘no one is better than anyone else’ attitude at the training sessions makes you feel very at ease. Everyone knuckles down to learn. Richard is professional & personable. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him”.

“Absolutely love this. Richard makes it fun and informative, it’s a great workout” …

“Me, my partner and my son thoroughly enjoyed the morning and we’d love to go back for more sessions!… 

Invaluable advice and training that everyone can benefit from no matter what your age”…

Self Defence parent child classes in Brentwood and Chelmsford

My self defence (life skill) training covers both theory for personal safety awareness as well as very effective practical skills covering standing, floor and take down techniques, based on biomechanics not strength.

Many of my students attend my classes in connection with their DofE awards.

Learning self defence techniques isn’t about fighting, you don’t have to hurt the attacker, you just have to stop them from hurting you.

Practical skills are applied as a final resort, students are not taught to fight.

Self defence next moves and more information

If you are interested to find out more regarding SDF Essex self defence training options, including women’s groups, staff events / team building and half day beginners classes, please call or email now. 

07798 628207 

Thank you for your interest, have a great week. 


SDF Essex Self Defence Instructor