SDFEssex Self Defence Quiz

SDFEssex self defence quiz – My self defence training is not about learning to fight, it’s about learning how to avoid getting hurt in an attack.

‘I don’t have to hurt my attacker; I just have to stop them from hurting me.’

Sadly, hardly a week goes by now when we don’t hear about some kind of an attack. 

Learning self defence helps build confidence, it is also a life skill that is better to know and not need than need and not know! 

If you or someone you know might be interested in finding out more, please call or pass my details on to them, to discuss sessions in 2022, thank you.

I hope you find the SDFEssex Self Defence Quiz beneficial.

All answers have been posted on either my FB personal account or FB / Instagram SDF Essex pages within the last 2 weeks.

I will list the answers on Christmas Eve on those accounts. Good Luck and Have Fun.

SDF Essex Self Defence Quiz

  • Q1 What number do you text to report an attack on Network Rail?
  • Q2 Can you use my self defence training as a physical activity for a Duke of Edinburgh award?
  • Q3 What can you do to help improve your safety when you need to take a phone call or text when out in the high street?
  • Q4 How does wearing 1 earphone / air pod etc. help your personal safety when out walking or running?
  • Q5 In line with the national campaign to notify a staff member in a pub / club that you need help, what is the woman’s name that you ask for?
  • Q6 After attending a self defence class, what do most students quote as the main benefit to them?
  • Q7 When calling for help, what could you say to target the person you want to help you? 
  • Q8 If you are unable to speak on a 999 call, when prompted, what number do you press to notify the operator you can’t or are unable to speak?
  • Q9 Antibullying week is in November, name 2 forms of bullying? 
  • Q10 In the stages of an attack, what does the first “S” stand for in SDF Essex? (It’s not Self)
  • Q11 What’s the youngest age that a student can join my self defence classes from?
  • Q12 Fill in the gaps.
  • Students attending my self defence classes will learn how to not F***** in an attack. I refer to this as “the 3 F’s” Flight, Fight and F*****.
  • Learning self defence is an important life skill, it’s better to know and not need, than need and *** know. 
  • Being bullied isn’t a sign of ********, being a bully isn’t a sign of strength.

Contact details SDF Essex Self Defence

If you or someone you know would like to find out more, please feel free to share my details or contact me on 07798 628207 or email

I would like to make a special mention and thanks to all the SDF Essex self defence students.

I wish everybody a happy festive season, and an epic 2022, Keep Safe.


SDFEssex Self Defence Instructor