SDFEssex self defence club

What happens at SDFEssex self defence club after attending a beginners class in the next few sessions?

SDFEssex self defence club runs weekly classes, are on a pay as you go basis and great fun. The weekend training venues are in Great Baddow Chelmsford and Mountnessing Brentwood Essex.

2023 plans to open Wednesday day time classes in Brentwood Essex.

The first 6 / 8 weeks of training covers a variety of techniques. This gives the students a good general awareness and understanding of the SDFEssex self defence syllabus.

This approach covers various types of attacks, which I believe is so important.

SDFEssex Self Defence Students learn how apply the most appropriate response to where or how the attack has been initiated. Including approached from behind, escaping from a headlock, dealing with a gang attack, considering a weapon attack and floor techniques, including rape defence if requested.

Fights and attacks are messy, therefore knowing a range of techniques early on, even if not perfected, can help with confidence and ability. SDFEssex self defence club teaches both left and right handed techniques.

Self defence training in Essex

Beyond the 6 to 8 week period training focuses on making attacks a little more challenging to apply skills learnt. At the end of each class I pressure-test all students. This involves students putting as many skills into practice as possible to help with avoiding freezing in an anxious situation.

This allows them to experiment with applying different techniques and to look for ways to increase their endurance.

SDFEssex self defence training is better to know and hopefully not need, then need and not know.

Call for a chat and find out more about the beginners (first) class. What are students / parents saying about the class / training SDFEssex Self Defence Testimonials

Richard Mitchener

SDFEssex Self Defence Instructor in Essex

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