Team Building Self Defence

Team Building Self Defence
December 30, 2019

Team building self defence

Team building self defence workshop … “I found the session very enlightening and I learnt some good takeaways from the course.  The initial part of the session covered basic checks to ensure that you are not a victim of phone or wallet/purse theft.

… The second part of the session covered basic self defence techniques which were easy to learn and practice.  I would recommend the course, but it could be longer (covering 2 hours) and I would be interested in the next level of course.

… Excellent tutor who was able to communicate well and made sure that we all felt at ease”.

“Really enjoyed the session – it was interactive, and he explained things really clearly and not in a way that made situations feel frightening. I would definitely be interested in attending another session to build on what we learnt”.  

… I thought the session was great – My biggest take away was to be aware of my surroundings. Try very hard to stay calm but be stern. I would have liked to have covered more scenarios and would definitely like more sessions if possible. 

Self Defence workshop reviews

Team building for groups

Team building self defence for groups can run as a one-off taster session or a multi session course. Techniques covered include theory and practical skills. These can run during the day, as an end of day activity or later in the evening across Essex and London.

Self defence techniques learnt through the training are relatively simple, extremely effective and fun. Learn the ability to avoid freezing in an attack situation by perfecting learned responses. SDF Essex training is always respectful, positive, encouraging and challenging.

In an attack, surviving unharmed is winning, many attacks either start with grabbing, pushing or pulling.

Sessions can be tailored to meet specific requirements and can include knife and rape defence techniques.

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