Self Defence Year 6 school

Self Defence Year 6 school
November 25, 2019

Self Defence Year 6 school

I had been looking for a self-defence class for my 10-year old daughter for a while but could not find anything suitable for her age.

As she was due to start Senior School soon and walk on her own, it was important to me that she knew how to defend herself but martial arts were not her thing.

I eventually came across SDF Essex and contacted Richard to check the minimum age.

We had a long chat about what I was looking for and he made me feel at ease straight away.

We both completed the induction course and have been going to Sunday sessions since September.

My daughter thoroughly enjoys them and feels totally comfortable with the adults as everyone is so friendly.

She’s learnt a lot over a short period of time and has grown in confidence. The fitness sessions at the end are also very beneficial.

I would highly recommend SDF Essex classes!

Self Defence Year 6 school Parent child self defence

SDF Essex Parent Child self defence class

This parent and child self defence class is ideal for children attending school years 6 and 7.

This age is often when children start to have a little more responsibility and independence, walking to and from school on their own.

Children often receive their first mobile phone around this age too, so this session covers personal safety skills including aspects with tech.

Attending secondary school, for most, means travelling further and possibly using buses or trains for the first time, plus longer days combining earlier starts and / or later finishes.

Interested in finding out more or wish to book on a self defence beginners class covering personal safety and fitness.

Contact Richard Mitchener the owner Instructor of SDF Essex on 07798 628207