Self Defence Club Feedback

Self Defence Club Feedback
March 5, 2023

Self defence club feedback

Our 4 children recently started training with Richard and have loved every session they’ve had so far. He makes it fun for them all whilst maintaining their focus and ensuring they are competent in the techniques they’ve been taught before moving on.

All of the techniques shown are highly effective and thoroughly rehearsed to ensure that each person is confident in what they’ve been taught. I would highly recommend Richard to anybody who wants to develop a better sense of confidence in themselves or their children.

Essex Mum and Dad review

Self defence club feedback

My son and I love the classes provided by SDF Essex, we have learnt so much in such a small amount of time. “Richard is a very patient teacher, breaking down the moves again and again to help us understand. He has stressed the situations where we may need to use what he has taught us, if we ever need to, and what else we can do so that using what he has taught us if in the event there is no other choice”.

The classes are fun, confidence building and a good bonding experience if attending with a son or daughter. Plus it’s a good way to stay active.

Essex Dad

Self defence club feedback

All the children enjoyed the session and learnt a lot about awareness,  & personal safety. Mum learnt a lot to! Was taught age appropriately not dumbed down which they respected. Would recommend for anyone with children & for adults too.

Essex Mum

SDF Essex Self Defence Training

All SDF Essex self defence sessions are empowering, always respectful, positive, encouraging challenging and importantly great fun. Teaching effective techniques for realistic attack situations in Great Baddow Chelmsford, Mountnessing Brentwood Essex.

The beginners class is suitable for adults, families and children from age 10. SDF Essex self defence sessions are available for individual and group bookings in Essex. The beginners class covers both personal safety theory, awareness and very effective practical self defence techniques. Learning the ability to not freeze in an attack situation.

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