Self-defence builds confidence

Self-defence builds confidence
October 17, 2023

Self-defence builds confidence

Self defence builds confidence a parent review from a youth group booking.

A brilliant self defence starter course for my son and his friends this morning.

Very well thought out (theory & practical) and planned to give them the knowledge to be able to protect themselves in lots of different scenarios with tips on how to keep safe on journeys to and from school. Also good as their independence grows and they go out with friends.

Richard makes sure the children are comfortable to participate in each scenario and takes them through it step by step building their confidence.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend SDF Essex.

Essex Parent Testimonial

I attended the beginners self defence class in Chelmsford recently and was really impressed.

The morning class was a mix of theory and practical skills. 

Richard was very attentive to safety and the needs of the individual participants.

I feel like the class really gives people knowledge and confidence in promoting safety for oneself.

Not only were the skills taught in an excellent way, the class was very enjoyable.

Richard’s passion for promoting safety and self defence really makes this a highly valuable experience.

I would highly recommend this class and further classes with SDF Essex Self Defence.

Essex Student Testimonial

SDF Essex Self defence

At the end of each class I pressure-test all students, this involves putting as many skills into practice as possible to help with avoiding freezing in an anxious situation.

SDF Essex self-defence builds confidence

SDF Essex self defence training is empowering, always respectful, positive, encouraging challenging and importantly great fun.

Teaching effective techniques for realistic attack situations in Great Baddow Chelmsford, Mountnessing Brentwood Essex.

The beginners class is suitable for adults, families and children from age 10.

SDF Essex self defence sessions are available for individuals in Great Baddow Chelmsford and Mountnessing Brentwood.

Group self defence / personal safety bookings in London and Essex.

Learning the ability to not freeze in an attack situation. Contact SDFEssex Self Defence