School Curriculum Extension Day

School Curriculum Extension Day
December 13, 2021

School Curriculum Extension Day


Richard took part in our Year 9 School Curriculum Extension Day. He spoke with our students about personal safety. Richard was able to give them tips and advice that they could put into action immediately; considering mobile phone usage and awareness, the importance of distance and raising the alarm using specific language.

Acting Head of Year 9 Teacher

Beginners self defence class

The beginners class includes theory covering personal safety, reasonable force, awareness and tips with tech.

At least two hours are spent outdoors learning practical techniques including importance of personal space, how and what to say, head protection, restraining an attacker standing, taking an attacker to the ground and restraining the individual on the ground.

Martial arts self defence training also helps build fitness and confidence, applying the techniques students have learnt in the class. This reinforces the actions required to overcome the “freeze” element of an attack.

Generally most people have heard of the Fight or Flight reaction. Students learn responses to an attack, to help avoid Freezing.

Self Defence Training

Are you thinking about learning self defence? Do you know someone who would benefit from a session including school curriculum extension days?

Beginners Self Defence

Self defence training is fun, it helps with confidence and fitness, classes are delivered on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Duke of Edinburgh Award (DofE) Self Defence training with SDF Essex

Parents of teenagers looking for a physical activity should consider my self defence training for the Duke of Edinburgh Award (DofE).

Spaces currently available for new students to attend SDF Essex self defence classes in Brentwood & Great Baddow Chelmsford.

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