Grapevine Essex Self Defence

Grapevine Essex Self Defence
February 22, 2020

Grapevine Essex Self Defence

Grapevine Essex Self Defence  – We approached Richard, to run a self-defence class for some of our members over the Easter break.
They had to fill in a medical questionnaire in advance so that Richard was well aware of any possible problems which could arise.
To begin with, we had a question and answer session on what constitutes bullying and how we may present ourselves to a possible bully as an easy target without even realising it.

Personal Safety

Richard discussed ways of making ourselves ‘safe’ whilst out and about…for example, if you have to use your mobile phone, then make sure your back is against a wall so that you cannot be attacked from behind. He stressed the importance of not having earphones over both ears to make us more aware of our surroundings.

Self Defence

We then got onto how we can protect ourselves from a possible attack to the head area. Richard explained very carefully all steps involved and made sure he involved everyone even those sitting out on the side.

We practised how we should place our legs, arms, hands and elbows to fend off an attack to the head. This was repeated many times and will stick in their memories, I am sure.

All the time, Richard was very professional, caring and made sure everyone completed the manoeuvres carefully.
Excellent session and I would thoroughly recommend Richard to any other group looking for self-defence instruction.

Grapevine Essex testimonial

Who is Grapevine Essex

Grapevine Essex is a charity which provides fully supported recreational and educational activities for adults with learning difficulties in Essex.

This was such a great experience, I absolutely loved this group session. I was booked again two years later as an activity for their summer. Thank you Grapevine Essex team keep safe Richard

If you would like to find out more contact Richard Mitchener SDF Essex Instructor 07798 628207