Children’s self defence Chelmsford

Children’s self defence Chelmsford
December 30, 2019

Children’s self defence Chelmsford

“I would just like to say what a positive experience we all had at the children’s self defence class in Great Baddow, Chelmsford recently.

The theory part was extremely informative and Richard from SDF Essex made us all feel comfortable and relaxed even though some of the subject matter was serious.

He was constantly checking that both kids were at ease and happy to continue which was very reassuring throughout the morning.

The practical session that followed was excellent for both fitness and confidence building.

I would highly recommend contacting him for any enquiries relating to Self Defence or even if you are just looking for something different for exercise”

Chelmsford class Parent testimonial

Beginners self defence class

Each month I run a half day beginners self defence class in Mountnessing Brentwood and Great Baddow Chelmsford for adults, teenagers and children above ten years of age.

Are you thinking about attending a SDF Essex self defence class?

I currently have spaces for new students to learn self defence techniques in my Mountnessing Brentwood & Great Baddow Chelmsford classes.

Self defence training, it’s better to know and not need than need and not know.

The training begins by attending a Beginners class, covering theory personal safety, awareness and many practical skills.

Suitable for adults and youths from age 10, spaces are limited and need to be booked in advance.

Once completed, further weekly classes develop your skills and learn new techniques, classes for adults, teens youths & families.

Training is great fun, helps with confidence and fitness, classes are delivered on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Call to book a SDF Essex Beginners Self Defence class and learn to defend yourself, weekend classes run in Mountnessing Brentwood and Great Baddow Chelmsford.

Thank you

Richard – SDF Essex self defence instructor