Chelmsford self defence review

Chelmsford self defence review
April 28, 2024

SDF Essex self defence club

Chelmsford self defence review from a new student recently moved to Essex.

“I recently moved to Essex and decided to take up some self defence techniques. 

Richard’s classes are fun and at the right learning pace, especially for beginners. 

The focus is on techniques to defend against attackers in a real life situation.

Everyone is really friendly and Richard is considerate when teaching the techniques at your own pace”.

Chelmsford self defence review from a new student

SDF Essex Training

SDF Essex self defence training is empowering, always respectful, positive, encouraging challenging and importantly great fun. Teaching effective techniques for realistic attack situations in Great Baddow Chelmsford, Mountnessing Brentwood Essex.

The beginners class is suitable for adults, families and children from age 10. SDF Essex self defence sessions are available for individual and group bookings in Essex. The beginners class covers both personal safety theory, awareness and very effective practical self defence techniques.

Learning the ability to not freeze in an attack situation,

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Fights and attacks are messy, therefore knowing a range of techniques early on, even if not perfected, will help and ensure less reliance on strength alone. I teach all techniques both left and right handed to increase the likelihood of applying them successfully.

Beyond the first 6 to 8 week period training focuses on making attacks a little more challenging to apply skills learnt. At the end of each class I pressure-test all students, this involves putting as many skills into practice as possible to help with avoiding freezing in an anxious situation. This all builds confidence as further techniques are taught.