Beginners self defence testimonial

Beginners self defence testimonial
December 20, 2022

Beginners self defence testimonial

I recently attended a Beginners course with Richard after a recent incident I encountered in London. On the day of the training my anxiety had kicked in, Richard was fantastic and reassured me that I would be OK and he would let me go at my pace. At each stage he checked that I was comfortable and happy which reassured me and calmed my anxiety down.

I have since attended another of his group sessions and can honestly say I wish that I had done this sooner. Even just by attending 2 sessions it has made me mentally stronger, confident and I am looking forward to joining more sessions and learning more with Richard. I can’t thank you enough.

SDF Essex Beginners self defence testimonial

Beginners self defence testimonial

If you are thinking about signing up for self defence I highly recommend Richard at SDF Essex. He’s highly knowledgeable, professional and makes learning fun and enjoyable.

I joined the half day beginners self defence class with two friends and had the best morning. We first learnt self defence theory in the classroom about how to keep yourself safe from potential threat before going out into the park and learning step by step how to try and diffuse a situation and then how to take someone to the ground in a controlled way in order for you to run away.

We also learnt how to defend yourself against a knife attack. You are not made to do anything you don’t want to do and Richard continually checks in to make sure everyone is ok.

This was all done with the utmost professionalism and also was so fun! You can go to the half day and come away feeling more confident and safe, but you can also sign up to his 1 hour sessions afterwards to learn more. I will be signing up and can’t wait to come again.

Thank you Richard!

SDF Essex Self Defence Training

All SDF Essex self defence sessions are empowering, always respectful, positive, encouraging challenging and importantly great fun. Teaching effective techniques for realistic attack situations in Great Baddow Chelmsford, Mountnessing Brentwood Essex.

The beginners class is suitable for adults, families and children from age 10. SDF Essex self defence sessions are available for individual and group bookings in Essex.

The beginners class covers both personal safety theory, awareness and very effective practical self defence techniques. Learning the ability to not freeze in an attack situation. Contact SDF Essex Self Defence

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