Self Defence safety tips

Defusing a potentially bad situation

Practical self defence techniques that I teach are to be used as a last resort.

If I can talk my way out of an attack before it becomes physical that is my goal.

What we say and how we say it is important, we do not want to make things worse, these situations can escalate rapidly.

We need to calm things down without saying “calm down” 

Brief example, years ago I pulled out into a main road, I assume this angered a fellow motorist who decided to leave their transportation in the middle of the road, blocking my ability to drive forward.

The motorist approached my car door on foot, clearly unhappy.  I just said “I am really sorry’, which seemed to stop them in their tracks. They turned, shouted a lot, mainly at me, then returned to their vehicle and drove off.

End result, nothing physical happened, I went home safe and sound.

Luckily for me the person didn’t become physical towards me, so I didn’t have to react further. Self defence personal safety is about protecting myself.

Self defence safety tips – I successfully defused the situation and no one was hurt, a worse situation was avoided.

Apologising does not make me weak, trying to talk myself out of the situation is my first priority.

Keep safe.

Calling for help and what to shout

Self defence safety tips. Calling for “help” if you are in a vulnerable situation is very important, however, being very specific with your instruction will be far more effective.

Obviously I hope this never happens, but if you need to raise an alarm shouting out “help help help” creates awareness, which may deter the attacker, but the public are less informed and there is no urgent focus on who should help you.

Be specific i.e. “Man in the blue jumper, can you please phone the police this person is attacking me.”

Alternatively, “Lady in the Red top please phone the police now, he is attacking me.”

The public are less likely to think “Are they messing about” and hopefully help.

The first stance taught is passive, non aggressive and in any language it identifies as calm down.

CCTV is only visual not audio so your stance gives an immediate opinion to public and CCTV of the perception of what is happening.

Safety tip with tech

SDF Essex self defence safety tip. Please don’t walk down the street with a mobile phone in your hand!

In the theory section of my classes I cover putting mobile phones away, out of sight. 

Mobile phone technology is important and gives us access to many aspects of our life, both business and social. Removing the phone from being on show reduces the focus and possible intent of an attack/ mugging.

If we are walking down the street to / from work, meeting a friend, shopping, going to/from school etc. and have our phone out texting or updating social media we are not concentrating on the roads, traffic, surroundings or people.

There are several safety issues about walking down the street with a phone in your hand; potential theft / accident, crossing the road etc.

Consider this; whatever phone you have, would you walk down the road with the cash value of your phone in your hand?

If you need to text, stop walking, put your back against a wall, deal with the text / call then securely replace mobile in a bag or pocket and continue whatever you were doing.

Anti bullying tip

Encourage and build confidence.

Being bullied isn’t a sign of weakness, being a bully isn’t a sign of strength.

Often bullies are looking for reactions and ignoring them can be the best way to handle them.

Self defence classes can help build up confidence and self esteem plus make new friends.

Anti bullying

Parking Tip

When returning to your parked car; as you approach from a safe distance look around the vehicle, having completed your distance checks have a look through into the back seat before you get in, when in the vehicle lock the doors and keep windows closed.

I always try to reverse into a parking spot to allow easier access and visibility, especially in badly lit areas.

If you are uncomfortable or suspect something isn’t right before approaching your vehicle, return back to your previous location e.g. shop, restaurant, work or security and ask for help.

Car Park safety tip

SDF Essex self defence safety tips. If you regularly drive your car into a parking space, please be aware when you return to your car if you reverse out of the parking space. On your return once you have approached & unlocked your vehicle in the car park, put any bags in the car & go inside. 

It is best to lock the doors immediately, start the engine & select reverse. If you look into the rear-view mirror & notice a leaflet / sticker on the rear window think carefully about your next actions.

It is so easy to simply deselect the gear, jump out of the car, engine still running, & walk to the back of the car to remove the leaflet etc. So what’s wrong with this approach? What are we vulnerable to? 

Theft, Risk of being hurt from your car being driven off by someone. Abduction in your own vehicle. I heard about a vehicle jacking several years ago in Essex, it happens. The Safer option? Do Not Get Out of the vehicle at that time. Just reverse the vehicle out of the parking space, drive out of the car park & remove the leaflet later.

SDF Essex Self Defence Overview

Qualified Level 3 Self Defence Instructor Richard Mitchener

Learning reality based self defence is a vital life skill, its not a sport.

I don’t teach students to fight, I teach the ability to avoid getting hurt, you don’t have to hurt the attacker, you just have to stop the attacker hurting you.

Self defence, it’s better to know and not need than need and not know.

Training covers both theory self defence safety tips and extremely effective practical techniques, developing a learned response helps to avoid freezing, builds confidence, awareness, fitness and self esteem in a fun, respectful and positive environment.

Any questions please ask, keep safe.

Thanks Richard