Self Defence SDF Essex classes

Self defence classes in Mountnessing, Brentwood, Great Baddow, Chelmsford and Rayleigh Essex

Are you looking for self defence classes for yourself or someone you know?

Not sure where to start?

SDF Essex beginners self defence training classes cover personal safety, theory and practical techniques that are very effective, beneficial and fun.

Individuals and Groups, both adults and children, attending the self defence training will learn how to avoid FREEZING in an attack situation, whilst building confidence, fitness and self esteem.

Students attend for many reasons:

  • Improving confidence
  • Being bullied
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award physical activity
  • Lone worker / Job related
  • and many more

Contact Richard on 07798 628207 to find out more and book a place.

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Beginners self defence classes with SDF Essex

Beginners self defence training classes are suitable for adults, families and children aged 10 plus. Thinking of learning a few techniques on how to defend yourself from an attack?

Each month SDF Essex runs half day beginners self defence classes in Mountnessing Brentwood and Great Baddow Chelmsford.

Half Day Beginners’ classes are only £30.

For more information on a half day beginners class see the beginners class page. To book a place call Richard on 07798 628207

After attending a beginners self defence class, students can then join as SDF Essex club members (16 and over £12, 10 to 15 year olds £6 per year).

Club members develop skills and learn many new techniques at the weekend classes on a pay-as-you-go basis (adults £10, youths £7.50).

Weekend classes also include anti-bullying and knife defence skills. Students will develop a broad based theoretical and practical knowledge of self defence and personal safety.

Team building self defence for groups

Team building self defence for groups can run as a one-off taster session or a multi session course, either indoor or outdoor.

These work well for corporate / staff events, clubs, women’s groups, universities and other educational establishments across Essex and London.

Techniques covered include theory and practical skills such as knife defence.

Learning reality based self defence is a vital life skill, it’s not a sport.

SDF Essex doesn’t teach students to fight, training teaches the ability to avoid getting hurt, you don’t have to hurt the attacker, you just have to stop the attacker hurting you.

Sessions can be tailored to meet specific needs and prices will therefore vary.

For information and a quote call Richard on 07798 628207 or email

Parent Child self defence classes in Essex

A one-off parent and child self defence class is ideal for children attending school years 6 or 7. This is often when children start to have a little more responsibility and independence, start walking to and from school on their own and prepare to move up to or within secondary school.

Children often receive their first mobile phone around this age too, so the class covers personal safety skills including aspects with tech.

Parent and Child classes run in Mountnessing and Chelmsford.

For more information please call or to book a place call Richard on 07798 628207

Parent & Child half day class £30 per person.

Parent & Child 2 hour taster class (run during school holidays) £50 for the two attendees.

Women’s self defence beginners classes

The self defence techniques learnt at Women’s self defence beginners classes are relatively simple, extremely effective and fun.

Learn the ability to avoid FREEZING in an attack situation by perfecting learned responses.

In an attack, surviving unharmed is winning, many attacks either start with grabbing, pushing or pulling.

Women’s self defence half day beginners class in Brentwood or Chelmsford is £30.

For more information please call or to book a place call Richard on 07798 628207


“I wanted my teenage children, to meet new people and try a new activity. I was recommended that they try Richard’s classes my children decided to “give it a go”. They both really enjoy going with the bonus that this activity can be used towards their Duke of Edinburgh award. As a parent I now feel that they are getting fit, meeting new people and having the bonus of keeping themselves safe.”

Parent of Teenage Children

“From my experience it’s not until something happens to you that you realise that you should have done something about it before it actually happens… Since attending these classes with Richard my life is back on track, my confidence is back I rarely suffer from anxiety and I have found something that I really enjoy doing. I strongly recommend that whoever reads this takes action and attends these classes you never know what is round the corner!”

Essex Student Mr

“Richard took a workshop for myself and a group of my fellow fitness clients, and whilst teaching us some serious techniques for our own self defence, he also made the workshop enjoyable and put us all at ease to ensure we learnt the techniques properly.

The safety talk prior to the workshop day was very informative and we all agreed we learnt a lot of new things that we may not have thought of before… 

I wouldn’t hesitate to book more workshops with Richard again in the future! Thank you!”

Women's fitness group